Census Campaign Outcome

In the 2016 nationalcensus, the data
showed that the number of beople
who documented their ancestry as
Hazara WereJust around 11k and
around 15k peoplerecorded their
(spoken at home) nonage as
on amazing,
” camoaioners compared to the 201
national census, we were able to
y inform our diaspora members
the new census data results
cate that throyght disseminating
Night informatiön at the right time,
Milient all an scar bi venderue
number of Hazaras in Australia yet we
are witnessing a manifold increase in
Hazara diaspora numbers in 2021
census, the credit goes to our
campaigners and all #gawma who
took part either in getting the
message through and or volunteered
to assist the rest with the forms.We
would like to extend our formal thanks
to each one of you who participated
and ran a successful #census
myancestry #hazara
mylanguage #hazaragiismylanguage

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